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  • Created by Véronique LAURENT-LASSON, Sponsor Finance is an independant company specialised in Initial Public Offering (IPO) and Fund raising for Small and Mid cap companies
  • Controlled by the management, experimental professionals team, Sponsor Finance offer a full service investment bank
  • As CIF (Advisor in Financial Investment) Sponsor Finance offer M&A and financing advises
  • Analysts team provide services by providing research and valuation  model
  • The company is Listing Sponsor on Alternext and Advisor on Euronext for your IPO
  • and help you after to raise money as Listing Sponsor or Advisor


A "full service" investment bank bringing solutions to all your different corporate finance issues

Private Placement

  • From transaction structuring to closing
  • Identification of the best partners
  • Delay reduction
  • Transaction optimization
  • more

IPO and Capital increase

  • IPOs
  • Euronext, Alternext or Eurolist
  • Capital raising
  • Secondary sales
  • Equity advisor

Bunds & IBO

  • Placements
  • Debt advisor
  • Banking debt
  • Restructuration
  • Hybrids (convertibles, OBSAR)


  • Buy-side and sel-side mandates
  • Sales / transmissions
  • LBO
  • Fairness opinion


  • Listing Sponsor
  • Analysis
  • Financial communication optimization
  • Blocks identification
  • Capital needs evaluation

Tender Offers

  • Take over bids
  • Exchange offers
  • Share price guarantees
  • Delisting
  • Transfers

SPONSOR FINANCE is proud to announced 

- SMART GOOD THINGS by Direct Listing on Euronext Access+ Paris after a Private Placement
- BROADPEAK raised €20m, potentially up to €23m post greenshoe on Euronext Growth Paris

2 deals in 2021:
- LES AGENCES DE PAPA IPO by Direct Listing on Euronext Access + Paris after a Private Placement
- KERLINK raised 11M€

2 deals in 2019:
- LANSON BCC transferts from Euronext Paris to Euronext Growth Paris
- KERLINK acquired WYRES

4 deals in 2018:
- COGELEC raised €38.7m on Euronext Paris
- WALLIX GROUP raised €36.8m without PSR and with statutory priority period
- The company ALAIN FRANCOIS producer of foie gras sold to LABEYRIE FINE FOODS
- OXATIS raised €13.6m on Euronext Growth Paris  

5 deals in 2017:
- BIOM'UP raised €42.5m on Euronext Paris
- ADEUNIS raised €7.4m on Euronext Growth Paris
- GLOBAL BIOENERGIES raised €10.25m on Euronext Growth Paris
- SAFE ORTHOPAEDICS raised €5.8m on Euronext Paris
- KERLINK raised €20.7m on Euronext Growth Paris

3 deals in 2016:
- ABEO IPO which raised €20.7m on Euronext 
- CELLNOVO capital increase with €5.4m
- KERLINK raised €12.8m on Alternext Paris

And 4 IPOs in 2015
- MILIBOO raised €5.1m on Alternext Paris
- CELLNOVO raised €32.4m on Euronext Paris
- WALLIX raised €10.1m M€ on Alternext Paris
- SAFE ORTHOPAEDICS raised €9.5m on Euronext Paris

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